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Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming

We love it when people call us for tree trimming. We do an excellent job at it and actually enjoy performing this fun task. We, of course, have all the equipment needed to do a fantastic job for you. And remember we clean up after ourselves.

Free Estimates

We are happy to come and give you a free estimate at your convenience. Just give us a call and we will schedule one as soon as possible. 973-577-7289

We Trim Everything

We get asked all the time how long have we been trimming trees? People ask because they see the amazing difference we make on a property simply by trimming the trees. We know you will agree that a professional tree trimming job makes all the difference in the way a property can look. It also enhances the value of the property as well.

Dead Wood Trimming

It is always a wise idea to get rid of the dead branches on your trees. It seems they are almost always the first to be a potential danger to your property and of course people and even animals.

We Trim Everything

You name it, we trim it with style. We have many beautiful examples of trimming jobs done beautifully. Call Today For All Your Trimming Needs. 973-577-7289

Sometimes things get a little overgrown. We can make any place look like a million bucks if you know what I mean!

No Job Too Big Or Small

We love the big expensive jobs. They are very nice when we can get them. But, we also welcome all the smaller jobs we can get. After all, it is how we started our business many years ago.

We Are Fully Covered By Insurance

Did we mention that we have both kinds of Insurance policies? Yes, General Liability as well as Workmans' Comp.

Tree Shaping

Did you know that tree trimming is a very good way to beautify your property? We can shape almost any tree to look it's very best. Thereby enhancing the way the tree looks. We make it more pleasing to the eye. People really take notice when you have Top Tree Service Newark trim your trees!

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