At Top Tree Service Newark  NJ we will go the extra mile for you and clean up after we are done so you hardly notice we were there.
We have all the necessary equipment to do a top notch job for any tree situation you might have. We guarantee your complete satisfaction. We know that making you a happy customer will result in referrals. Just so you know we also have 24/7 emergency service too if the need ever arises. Just call our main number: 973-577-7289

About Us

Top Tree Service Newark is dedicated to trimming your trees and keeping them fresh and healthy all year round. Our team is fully dedicated to their work and actually cares about your trees and plants and wants to see the best for the environment.

Our History

Top Tree Service Newark was, of course, born in Newark, NJ in 2003 and our business started booming right at the start because of our dependability, affordability, and our care of the environment. From the start we have aimed to be the best tree cutting service in Newark, and we always have been, and always will be. Give a call today and let us do a free estimate for you. 973-577-7289

Don’t be scared. We do this every day and are really good at it. People watch us and are amazed at how we work those ropes just right so we can get to the section of tree we need to address and expertly handle even the toughest challenges. We drop them where we want them so nothing gets damaged. Then we get the area cleaned up just nice so you can be proud you selected our company to do the work.We won’t let you down. Just Give Us A Call: 973-577-7289

One time we got a call from a farmer. He said that a great big tree had fallen on one of his tractors that was left outside the barn my mistake. Well, the big storm had downed a tree right on top of the tractor and he said it was just too much for him to tackle as he was all by himself. We went right out the same day and were surprised at just how big the tree was. We got it all taken care of and even left the mulch for him as well as cut the logs into firewood. He said he didn’t mind having all the extra wood and was so happy to see that the tractor wasn’t even damaged. He called us back later that year to have a few more tree taken down he felt might be a safety issue.